Meet SuCO


  • Write down the good/positive things you did along with few pictures
  • Make voice records for each of the journal entry at your leisure to elevate the experience
  • Revisit, Listen and Re-live the great memories you have recorded occasionally which we gurantee will give you a great sense of content and fulfillment


Happiness depends on what you do, say and think. While good and positive actions, words and thoughts bring positive vibes, negative and bad actions let you down and make you unhappy. But finding what to do and stay committed to doing only the positives are challenging. With personalized activity suggestions SuCO is here to guide you to live the life to the fullest with lasting happiness and fulfillment.


SuCO is the #1 app for long format meditation that brings an array of benefits to one's life such as lower stress, better sleep and a calmer but sharper mind which boosts your energy and productivity. With our easy to follow guided meditation sessions, you'll find that lost connectivity with yourself and the nature in no time.


It is fair to say that life is full of obstacles, challenges, heartbreaks as well as positive experiences. When life gets harder or simply you need advice to progress to the next level in meditation for example, SuCO mentors are here to help you. Simply book a 1 on 1 session with your favourite mentor at tap of a button.